Water Treatment Plants

Life Line (UV+UF)
Industrial RO Plant

SHREE WATER offers the State-of-the-Art Packaged Reverse Osmosis Systems complete with Pre & Post Treatment equipment offering Very Pure Water from Brackish or Saline water.
Water Produced using Reverse Osmosis Technology is of very Low TDS & free from Particulate, Organic and Colloidal matter.
SHREE WATER carries complete range Reverse Osmosis Plant.
Units ranging from 100 to 10000 LPH and more.
Our Standard features of reverse osmosis plant includes Pre Micron Filter, High Pressure Pump, Stainless Steel Pressure tubes with Membranes, Electrical Control Panel with TDS meter and Wet Panel with Flow Indicators and Pressure Gauges, pressure switch and electrically driven solenoid valve, Pressure Regulator valve, Stainless steel 304 frame (Skid) etc.
These systems are used for water having TDS up to 2000 ppm.
Optional features include Membrane cleaning system, Level switches, Low Pressure cut off switch, Automatic Fast rinse flush, Low pressure safety cut-off switch etc.
Our modular design allows for a wide range of flow rate ranging from 100 LPH to 10000 LPH.
Larger flows also handled with custom made designs.
Systems are designed using the State-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis Computer Software.

We develop a range of RO water systems that are easily installable, operable and maintainable.
Water after passing through SHREE WATER Supreme RO System (50 LPH TO 150 LPH) emerges as pure water free from all kinds of dissolved and suspended impurities.
The reverse osmosis systems removes all toxic materials virus and bacteria and also the dissolved salts.
The water can be used to prepare mineral packaged water.
These water purifying systems are developed with qualitative materials and are tested at every stage of production for performance, efficiency, durability and longer service life.
These are available at economical prices.
Capacity : 50 LPH to 150 LPH

Life Line (UV+UF)
Commercial RO
Life Line (UV+UF)
Domestic RO

Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plant is easy to use, easy to install, safe to use and provide mineral water at nominal price.
With our wide range of the expertise and experience in the treating water in industrial and commercial segment, we step into the Domestic Market with the Best Unit to give the Purest Form of Water using the multiple filtrations and the state of the art technology of Reverse Osmosis, the process used for making Packaged Drinking Water & Mineral Water.
Reverse Osmosis, the membrane technology removes the most of the dissolved impurities, organic impurities, toxic and heavy metal ions, bacteria and virus.
UV treatment can not remove dissolved salts which does not alter the taste of hard water, Industrial pollutants, harmful toxic chemicals and protozoa.

Softening plant is designed to remove calcium and magnesium ions which cause the hardness of water.
The hardness in raw water gets exchanged with sodium ions in the sodium based cationic resin bed thus giving real soft water.
Axis Softening plant is available in Manual as well as PLC based control system with Fully Automatic Option.
Axis Softening plant is designed to cater to the requirement of scale Prevention of Utility / Plumbing Fixtures from Total Hardness.
They are available in Bungalow / Institutional / Industrial Models.
Application areas:
Boiler and Cooling water feed.
Process water for chemical and textile.
Hospital / Hotels / Homes / Commercial and Institutional water power plants/ice plant
Cleaner and shinier silverware, glassware, mirrors, Tiles, cars or any plumbing fixture
Softner skin and clean, smooth hair
Reduced soap curd makes cleaning easier and reduces house work
Uses less soap and shampoo because of rich leather softened Water and soap produces
Softer clothes without hard minerals trapped in fabric. Fabric Last longer and white stay whiter without the dingy      gray caused by hard water
Preserves the life of all water appliances such as coffee Machine, ice maker, dishwasher, water heater and                   laundry equipment
Save money on monthly energy cost and damage to appliances.

Life Line (UV+UF)
Water Softring Plant

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