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Effluent Treatment Plant

Water Treatment Plant

Shree Water Tech provides effluent treatment solutions for various types of industrial wastewater. We have the desired expertise and capability to design and commission a host of clarifiers, filters, aeration, coagulation and settling systems for waste from all industries like Automobiles, Chemicals, Distilleries, Beverage bottling units, Dairy, Breweries, Refineries, Paper & Pulp, Mining etc.

Recycle and reuse of treated effluents is highly profitable one in the ever deteriorating environment of water scarcity. Reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration systems and other tertiary treatment processes make this possible for industries keen on water recycle, reuse and resource optimization. These industrial effluent treatment plants are designed to provide a pollution free working environment and recycle the water for other applications like utilities and Green Belt Development.

Effluent Treatment Plan
Water that comes into the Shree Water Tech effluent treatment plant can be from sources like reservoirs, lakes, rivers, and outlet pipes, in addition to industries and factories. By cleaning up the effluent water, it puts it back into circulation where it can be utilised for a different purpose. Examples of some industries that make use of it include those that manufacture medicine, leather, textiles, and chemicals. In such industries, the use of this plant helps them to follow government regulations on pollution emission and also prevents them from spending unnecessary money on acquiring water for various activities.

An Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) is a process for treating waste water in textile, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, where the water is contaminated to an extreme. Some of the many pollutants that can be treated by it include organic and inorganic matter, oil, grease, heavy metals, suspended particles, and much more. By using it, fresh water is not unnecessarily used for production purposes or commercial activities. It is an effective way to prevent water pollution.

At various levels, the plant carries out different processes such as physical, chemical, membrane, and biological so that the waste water is effectively treated and the water coming out is pure and safe for consumption.

A team of qualified and experienced is always on it’s toes to provide any technical services to the customers round the clock. This ensures the utmost satisfaction of each customer, therefore an unbeaten faith of their in SWT. A vision to make water treatment as the most sophisticated, scientific and competitive business, SWT is thriving to excel. With matchless quality of products, committed delivery schedule, prompt services and customer friendly attitude, SWT has achieved the exponential growth in short span of time. Pursuing highest standards and passing through stringent stage wise quality checks; SWT produces a product that can optimize customer’s production. Products of high quality standards.

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Shree Water Tech effluent treatment plants are strictly complying with the design specifications laid down by the regulatory authorities. Our Customized systems are built to suit the wide variety of effluents and to maintain high efficiency are provided to industries, based on physico-chemical and biological treatments, and solid - liquid separation through cost effective hydrophilic membrane technologies are offered to improve the efficiency.

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Shree Water Tech undertake Erection & Commissioning of water and waste water plants. Shree Water Tech is a technology firm specialized in designing, fabricating and delivering a broad assortment of water therapy Plants. Our whole plant was designed to order, depending on the actual needs of our clients. Our extensive knowledge in water makes it possible for us to recognize the ideal answer to each issue. Our crops are highly valued by our clientele. Since our beginning, we're engaged in presenting a broad array of excellent quality Water Treatment Plant.

Quality Assurance

Maintaining the quality standards of our products and further improving their quality is indispensable for our organization. The products manufactured are according to the ASTM/IS specifications. Our engineering personnel strive hard to meet every requirement of our customers at the site and ensure that the range we manufacture is as per their specific requirements.